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    Data Management

    Unify data from multiple sources and extrapolate contextually sound, tailormade data visualizations in an instant.

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    Connect Your Bioprocess Lab Equipment

    The Synthace platform can connect to, and draw data from, multiple categories and brands of data equipment. For bioprocess data management, this includes the Sartorius Ambr® 250 bioreactor, enabling data flow into the platform ready for you to use.


    Visualize Bioprocessing Data With a Single Platform

    With all of your data from on-line, off-line and at-line sources aggregated and structured in the cloud, Synthace speeds up insights and conclusions to your bioreactor run, reduces cost due to better quality data and design, makes it easy for you produce publication-ready data visualizations, extract context-rich data, and then export that data wherever it needs to go.


    Cloud-Based, High Quality FAIR Data

    The Synthace platform is cloud-based, meaning that your data is accessible wherever you need it to be. Improve the data integrity of your upstream bioprocess campaign, move faster to analyzing what you need, and work outside of the lab whenever you need to.

    Best devices for

    Upstream Bioprocessing

    We integrate with a variety of lab setups, but these are the ones we recommend for upstream bioprocessing experiments.