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    November 3, 2020

    Synthace Rejoins the Pistoia Alliance

    LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 3rd November 2020 – Synthace Ltd, the company behind the cloud-based software platform for automating and improving the success rate of biological processes, has announced that it has re-joined the Pistoia Alliance to help support the development of the lab of the future.

    In re-joining the Pistoia Alliance, Synthace seeks to support the development and adoption of standards and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) working practices that will form the foundation of the lab of the future. In a 2018 ‘Computer-Aided Biology’ whitepaper, Synthace highlighted the central role of pre-competitive organizations and standards bodies in driving a wider industry move towards computer-aided biology ways of working. In the follow-up 2020 ‘Metadata Responsibility’ whitepaper, Synthace further illustrated the importance of linking rigorous metadata definition and collection with experimental design and automated experimental execution to create more complete datasets for machine learning and analytics applications. This approach is complementary to the alliance’s work around making data FAIR and improving ease of integration between instrument data interfaces.

    “We are proud to re-join the Pistoia Alliance. The Alliance’s impact in driving a greater industry-wide focus on important initiatives such as the FAIR principles is essential to the life-sciences industry. We look forward to helping to support the alliance and our fellow members in this vital work” said Dr Tim Fell, CEO of Synthace.

    “We are very pleased to welcome Synthace back into The Pistoia Alliance and look forward to working with them to achieve our goal of lowering barriers to innovation in the global life science industry. The world of life sciences R&D continues to change rapidly – and sharing, partnering and collaborating will be essential to increased innovation. As our membership continues to grow, our projects and initiatives will be essential in fostering this collaborative mindset and leading to new breakthroughs,” commented Dr Steve Arlington, President of The Pistoia Alliance.

    In addition to announcing our rejoining of the Pistoia Alliance, Synthace today has also published a statement outlining our commitment to FAIR.


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    About Synthace

    Based in London, UK, and Boston, the US, Synthace is accelerating biological discovery & optimization through computer-aided biology. Our cloud software platform empowers biologists by enabling them to flexibly program their lab automation without the need to code. The graphical user interface has been designed by biologists for biologists, intuitively enabling them to automate their whole experiment from planning to execution, data collection, and analysis. The Synthace platform is the cornerstone of the lab of the future, seamlessly connecting the digital realm of data with the physical of lab automation and wet-lab biology, automatically collecting and structuring data to accelerate biological understanding.

    Synthace is unlocking the potential of biology for humankind and our environment. Synthace works with biopharmaceutical companies, and in 2016 was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer that is helping shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and in 2018 as a cool vendor by Gartner.

    About the Pistoia Alliance:

    The Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit members’ organization made up of life science companies, technology and service providers, publishers, and academic groups working to lower barriers to innovation in life science and healthcare R&D. It was conceived in 2007 and incorporated in 2009 by representatives of AstraZeneca, GSK, Novartis and Pfizer who met at a conference in Pistoia, Italy. Its projects transform R&D through pre-competitive collaboration. It overcomes common R&D obstacles by identifying the root causes, developing standards and best practices, sharing pre-competitive data and knowledge, and implementing technology pilots. There are currently over 150 member companies; members collaborate on projects that generate significant value for the worldwide life sciences R&D community, using The Pistoia Alliance’s proven framework for open innovation. For further information visit


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