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    June 10, 2020

    Synthace Partners with Tecan

    • A new Synthace and Tecan partnership combines the flexibility of Synthace’s cloud-based software platform with the precision and throughput of Tecan’s Te-Chrom™ automated chromatography system for their liquid handling robots, the Freedom EVO® and Fluent®

    • The integration of the two systems allows more advanced and efficient scale-down purification experiments

    • This will transform process development cycles, reduce costs and accelerate the production of biologics and advanced therapies

    From the outset, we built Synthace platform to enable a transformation in the way biological R&D is done.  We wanted to be able to do more comprehensive, multidimensional experiments that were really tough to do by hand, and tough to program into automation as well.  But building this kind of solution is pointless without excellent hardware to run it on, and for high-throughput screening of downstream processing conditions the gold standard is the Te-Chrom™ system from Tecan.

    The idea of applying Synthace platform to Te-Chrom™ came first from customers: they saw Synthace platform’s ability for programming complex automated experiments, and for collecting and structuring experimental data, and asked us if we’d considered integrating the system.  This was rapidly followed by great discussions with Tecan, who we soon learned, combine their 40 years of engineering pedigree with a truly dynamic and innovative culture.

    The combination of the technologies is transformational.  Pairing Synthace platform’s dynamic and rapid programming capabilities with the throughput and precision of the Te-Chrom™ system promises the ability to run scale-down purifications with rapidity and flexibility.  Synthace platform also offers full traceability of what’s been run and integration with analytical workflows like absorbance-based measurements, qPCR and ELISA.

    When developing a new Synthace platform integration to a sophisticated automated system we need the hardware to work with and test in our lab. So when Tecan managed to deliver and install a Te-Chrom™ system for us in the middle of providing some magnificent help to COVID initiatives we were hugely grateful to have partners like that alongside us, and the early access customers that are signing up shows the determination of our industry to get on with implementing transformative technologies in spite of the obstacles the pandemic has thrown in our way.

    Further reading: What makes Synthace platform a game changer for miniaturized purification?

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