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    November 9, 2020

    Dynamic Binding Capacity with Synthace and Tecan Te-Chrom™

    Study summary

    • Using Synthace, we evaluated the Dynamic Binding Capacity (DBC) of two different resins packed in 200 µL RoboColumns® on a Tecan Freedom EVO® liquid handler, at different residence times
    • Synthace structured A280 nm absorbance data from the plate reader, automatically created a pseudo-chromatogram and normalized the data by applying pathlength and blank correction.
    • Using Synthace's data download capability, the normalized data was subsequently imported in Python to perform further smoothing and DBC analysis



    Key findings

    • MabSelect™ PrismA and Praesto® Jetted A50 resins have comparable DBC at shorter residence times
    • Synthace enables flexible programming of RoboColumn® workflows, allowing users to specify residence times and fractions collected per individual column. Synthace workflows can be shared between teams to facilitate knowledge transfer and reduce experimental design time...
    • Synthace promotes higher quality data by using unique identifiers for each experiment, structuring data in common formats, and keeping track of experimental metadata

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