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    June 12, 2023

    Finally, a DOE tool that anyone can use

    "It would have taken us about four months to develop these two workflows, but we did it here in one afternoon."

    Have you ever wondered if you’re running the best possible version of your experiment? 

    Or constantly hit dead ends in campaigns that yield inconclusive results?

    There’s no shortage of people (us included) telling you that Design of Experiments (DOE) would help. But it’s complex, error-prone, and time-consuming to get it right. So you decide to push on and hope for a breakthrough that might never come.

    That’s why we’ve built Synthace DOE. We wanted to remove the complexity and avoidable errors of running powerful DOEs. We wanted to reimagine DOE without the time sink, dead-end frustration, or need for statistical expertise to design them.

    Synthace DOE helps you run far more sophisticated, efficient, and impactful experiments on your existing lab set-up.


    Why does DOE feel so out of reach?

    In theory, we’d all love to embrace the power of DOE. Who doesn’t want to get better, more cost-effective results faster? 

    But DOE is complex and takes so much effort, it can be hard to know where to start. 

    Too often, implementing DOE fails because it involves spending too much time away from the bench. Instead of focusing on the science, you end up learning statistics, grappling with complex hardware and software, and planning how to implement intricate, multifactorial experiments.

    But is this the best use of your skills? As a biologist, you are best at asking the right questions. But DOE's high barrier to entry might be holding you back from finding the best possible answers.


    Introducing Synthace DOE

    An adaptive Design of Experiments (DOE) solution, enabling scientists to quickly and easily define, execute, and analyze experiments, without the need for statistical software or expertise.

    It’s the only DOE software built specifically for biologists, by biologists. It means anyone can successfully use DOE, without needing any prior experience.

    All this means no more time away from the bench to learn statistics, no more complex programming of robotics, and getting access to automated, assisted planning of even the most complex of experiments.

    As one of our early access customers put it:

    "It would have taken us about four months to develop these two workflows, but we did it here in one afternoon."
    Harriet, a senior scientist in a top 10 pharmaceutical company


    How does it work?

    Powered by the Synthace digital experiment platform, Synthace DOE empowers scientists to overcome the limitations of traditional single-factor experimentation, enabling you to focus on what matters most: generating high-impact research results.


    Within Synthace DOE, you’ll find: 

    Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 11.32.47

    Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 11.33.52

    Builder: Fully adaptable, drag-and-drop DOE workflows and design calculations


    DOE planner

    Planner: Automatic stock and liquid calculations based on the design, plus time estimates


    DOE Preview

    Preview: In-silico simulations and error-handling


    DOE execution mode

    Runner: One-click execution instructions


    DOE map

    Experiment map: Digital experiment model that captures every aspect of data generated from a DOE experiment


    DOE - response analysis

    Response analysis: Built-in analytics app tailored to life science use cases


    How can I apply DOE to my work?

    As biologists, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to DOE applications. Sometimes, though, DOE can be an experimental “sledgehammer to crack a nut” of a hypothesis. The goals of your biological experimentation should relate to the type of DOE experiment you might design or find in a busy lab.

    “How are Synthace customers applying the DOE product to their work?”, we hear you ask. Well…

    • A Canadian biotech applies it to cell-based assays and process development to manufacture more effective viral medicines, specifically Adeno Associated Virus products 🇨🇦
    • An American biotech is enabling their scientists to characterize their assays with Synthace DOE by providing flexible, automated, end-to-end execution, optimization, analysis, and data structuring using their Tecan Evo and Beckman Echo devices 🇺🇸
    • An at-home diagnostic kit company is applying it to their assay development to support the continuous development of their testing kits for COVID-19, flu, and more using their Hamilton Star liquid handler 🇺🇸
    • A contract research organization uses it for assay development, optimizing the assays they use for screening therapeutic molecules in their drug development process on the SPT Dragonfly Discovery 🇪🇺
    • A top 10 pharmaceutical company uses it for assay development, optimizing cell lines with histidine as part of their drug discovery R&D on their Beckman Echo dispensers 🇪🇺

    Don’t just take our word for it…

    We gave existing customers and a select group of soon-to-be platform users the opportunity to try out Synthace DOE before it was made generally available. Here’s what they had to say:

    • "Very pleased with the capabilities that Synthace DOE will allow [our scientists] to complete...very excited about this and we’re ready to hit the ground running."

    • "Very impressed... we can't wait to get our hands on this... very excited to be able to run DOEs in Synthace, as previously the barrier to statistical software hindered this for our team."
    • "We want to use Synthace DOE as soon as possible."

    • "The platform is so well supported and has the potential to radically transform access to DOE for our bench scientists."

    • "There have been massive improvements and the new features work really well. When it comes down to setting factors, I don't know how you could even get it wrong!"

    • "It was so easy, so simple... it makes everything we did before look like children's scribbles."


    This is only the beginning. 

    Synthace DOE represents a huge step forward in the accessibility and simplicity of Design of Experiments in biosciences.

    We’ve already seen our customers apply it to significant degrees of success across assay development, formulation development, and downstream purification, to name a few. And we’re excited to see the rest of the industry pick this up and use it to transform their biological R&D.

    In the coming weeks, we’ll offer a peek from behind the curtain, where our own lab team will share their experiences using Synthace DOE to complete some very specific jobs so you can get a handle on how you can use it in your own labs, too.

    If you want to learn more about Synthace DOE in the meantime, you can take an interactive product tour or arrange a demo with the Synthace team for a more tailored overview of the solution.

    Thanks for reading - stay tuned for more updates.

    Sam Oliver

    Product Marketing Manager at Synthace

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