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    Introducing Synthace DOE, an adaptive Design of Experiments software that makes sophisticated, multifactor experiments available to anyone–all defined, executed, and analyzed in one place.

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    This guided product tour will show you exactly what it’s like to use Synthace for DOE. Simply follow the prompts.

    Why Synthace DOE?

    Generic software
    for statistics

    DOE without Synthace

    • Lots to consider, track and calculate manually. Designs are difficult to adjust and adapt for iterative changes.
    • Designs are only validated when running in the lab, so any errors could prove costly and time-consuming.
    • Programming is complex and requires time and expertise. Plus tracking every step is prone to error.
    • Losing track of the data needed for analysis, and wrangling multiple spreadsheets prone to human error.
    • Being unable to decide which models to use for analysis. Plus, statistics tools can be hard to understand and use.

    Specialized software
    for biologists

    DOE with

    • A curated list of designs for life sciences that adapt as you iterate if the intent or context changes.
    • No roadblocks in the lab - in-silico simulations of your design catch and fix errors before the run.
    • Accurate automation instructions generated from your design, automatically. Simply click-to-run in the lab.
    • Structure and analyze DOE data and metadata without spreadsheets, and get a complete digital record of every run.
    • Build models directly from results and get a summary analysis of the preferred model without statistics skills.

    How it works

    Run DOEs in 5 simple steps

    Design of Experiments—for everyone

    Synthace transforms what's possible at every stage and gives you the edge, no matter what you do. Unlock new potential with an experiment platform that's been built with R&D in mind.

    How biologists use Synthace DOE

    'One factor at a time' won’t cut it anymore. Take advantage of the power of Design of Experiments in your specific area of bioscience.

    • DOE-3@2x_NEW-1

      Assay development

      Run complex assay development workflows and structure your data automatically. Give yourself confidence in knowing the complexities of the assay you’ve just optimized: ideal for method transfer into screening.

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    • DOE-1@2x_NEW

      Media optimization

      Optimize cell growth and differentiation by understanding the full range of factors at play with far fewer experimental runs. Save time and money, and move with confidence towards better results.

      Read More
    • DOE-2@2x_NEW

      Miniaturized purification

      Optimize your downstream process development by enabling automated analytical workflows, then letting Synthace handle the DOE designs and data structuring at the end of each run.

      Read More
    DOE How anyone can run powerful DOEs - 2
    Webinar Series

    DOE Masterclass: Anyone can run DOEs

    Nuno Leitão, PhD, Principal Scientist shares how Synthace’s own lab team manages critical jobs like DOE workflow designs, stock concentration calculations, data structuring, and analysis on a digital experiment platform.

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