The Synthace Story

Unlocking the potential of biology

Synthace is a software company enabling life science, the way it should be done. Delivering a life sciences R&D cloud to scientists who want to innovate faster, the Synthace platform seamlessly automates experimentation and insight sharing so that scientists can focus on asking the most impactful questions and unlock the true potential of biology.

Transforming life sciences for a better future

We believe that scientists should be freed to envision a bolder future for R&D.

We believe that scientists should be able to design and automate statistically powerful experiments to yield clear scientific insights that can be readily shared.

Together, we believe that scientists can transform the life sciences to solve humanity’s most pressing problems, rapidly.

Meet our Leadership Team

Synthace is led by an interdisciplinary team of executives with backgrounds in computer science, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, pioneering new ways of working digitally in biology.

We’re backed by world-class investors and a growing collection of partners working on the hardware, software, and wetware required to truly industrialize biology’s potential.

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