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    September 5, 2023

    Great place to work honors Synthace as a top tech workplace in the UK

    LONDON, UK - Synthace, the leading digital experiment platform for life science R&D teams, has been recognized as one of the best workplaces in the UK's tech industry by Great Place to Work UK. This prestigious accolade marks the second consecutive year that Synthace has received this honor.

    The Great Place to Work survey is widely regarded as the gold standard of employer awards and is based on one of the most rigorous methodologies in assessing workplace cultures and people practices. Over 60 survey questions were answered by employees, with 85% of the evaluation determined by their experiences of trust and realizing their full human potential within the organization. The remaining 15% was based on assessments of innovation, company values, and leadership effectiveness.

    Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director of Great Place To Work® UK said: 

    “The Best Workplaces in Tech™️ list is created using the anonymous feedback collected from employees within the technology industry about their workplace experience. In one of the country’s fastest-growing industries, it’s fantastic to see these Tech organisations putting their people strategy at the heart of the business and implementing policies, practices and programmes that sustain an impactful and consistently great employee experience for all.  A huge congratulations to Synthace for making one of our most prestigious lists.”

    Guy Levy-Yurista, CEO of Synthace expressed his pride in Synthace receiving this award: "At Synthace, we believe that driving scientific discovery requires not only making science easier but also enabling new possibilities. Our incredible team rises up every day to meet this challenge head-on through curiosity-driven inquiry and uplifting collaboration."

    Levy-Yurista continued: "Being recognized once again as a top tech workplace by Great Place to Work UK underscores our dedication towards creating an environment that fuels innovation while nurturing our employees' professional growth."

    Life at Synthace is characterized by a combination of scientific exploration alongside fascinating problem-solving endeavors. Within an uplifting culture where curiosity thrives, the team tackles unique challenges faced within life sciences research. By offering scientists a digital platform capable of streamlining experiments from start to finish Synthace is revolutionizing the experiment from the ground up.

    About Great Place to Work

    Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture, on a mission to make every company a great workplace for all. Every year, they receive direct feedback from over 10 million workers around the world telling us how they really feel about their employer. Their survey is completely confidential and anonymous, so people can feel comfortable to be honest about their workplace, and companies can gain detailed insights into how they can better serve their people.

    Only those employers who have the highest levels of trust, job satisfaction, and who empower ALL their employees to thrive both in and outside of work are awarded official Best Workplaces™ recognition. For more information, visit

    About Synthace

    Synthace is a digital experiment platform built for life science R&D teams to help them run more powerful experiments. It digitizes experiments from end to end: with minimal training, scientists can design and plan reproducible experiments, simulate them ahead of time, run them on their automation equipment, and automatically structure all of their experimental data and metadata in a single place. Controlled from a browser window and needing no code to operate, it makes experiments easier to run in the lab, increases the scientific value of experiments, and also makes it possible to run experiments that were previously thought impossible.

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    Will Patrick

    Director of Brand and Communications at Synthace

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