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Transform the quality of experiments you can run and deliver the highest quality data for decision-making through automation of the complete experimental process

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Quickly build an end-to-end workflow using the Synthace Workflow Builder and Core Elements that reflects your biological protocol

  • No-code, fast experiment automation - suited to both simple sample liquid handling and complex multi-step protocols
  • Device agnostic protocols - build your workflow once and re-use with different equipment
  • Highly flexible, parameterized workflows - build once, use for many applications
  • Create templates of common workflows with preset parameters for easy execution by any team member

Simulate & Preview

Automatically generate experiment instructions for your chosen device from your design and verify a complete in silico simulation of your experiment before entering the lab

  • Optimal plate layout and liquid movements calculated for you - no need to work out mechanical details
  • Check all experiment details - review and refine - from the comfort of your desk
  • Benefit from automated calculation of reagent quantities
  • Review time estimates and key user interventions, such as tip reloading


Send your experiments to our compatible liquid handlers and dispensers for execution, then follow simple instructions to set up your devices, and you are ready to go

  • Clear instructions for deck setup, supporting multiple configurations
  • Experiments executed in the background, affording scientists walkaway time
  • Support for integrated on-deck peripherals to reduce manual intervention
  • Automatic capture of all experiment instructions and metadata


Collect data generated from multiple devices and centralize it into a consistent format that is ready to export and analyse with API access to generated experimental data, instructions, and metadata

  • Experimental data automatically captured for you - not just results but also all instructions and context
  • Results - raw and processed - automatically transferred into the Synthace cloud
  • Key data parsed into standardized forms, supporting FAIR principles
  • API access to all generated data to make available to your analytical systems


Experimental building blocks, work-in-progress designs, and verified workflows for your whole team to use - all presented through the Synthace Experiment Manager

  • All experiments visible to your team - no more lost information from manual operations
  • Complete, contextualized datasets generated in a consistent way 
  • Drive consistent practices without reliance on complicated written procedures
  • Full method and data access to the team from anywhere with the Synthace R&D cloud

Design of Experiments

Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud has built-in Design of Experiments (DOE) capabilities. Scientists are moving away from the reductionist one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) approach and enriching their R&D with the multifactorial DOE that enables them to test the effects of multiple factors and their interactions on biological systems simultaneously. DOE expands assay design space and increases statistical power. With Synthace, DOE is even more powerful and seamless than ever before.

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What else should you know?

Synthace Core Elements

No-code automation

Synthace Core Elements are an automation protocol building tool kit on our platform, providing the base level physical control for liquid handling actions. They are backed by utility elements that allow you to control the action order, generate prompts, and select specific liquids/samples based on metadata, adding logic into your automation workflows.

Our Partners

How do we collaborate?

We are working with leading life sciences R&D vendors to push the boundaries of automated experimentation and insight sharing. We seek out best-in-class collaborations that address unmet customer needs and alleviate critical process bottlenecks.

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Customer Success

Scientists supporting scientists

To help you start with the Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud, we have our Customer Success team supporting you with onboarding and training. The team is comprised of scientists with a wide range of skills and expertise. When support is needed, we're on your team too.

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limitless science

Unlock your scientific talent and investments with a previously unimagined depth and flexibility of experimental design


consistently, everywhere

Easily automate your experiments regardless of complexity, from design and execution to data visualization and insight sharing


your R&D

Collaborate around complete, consistent, contextualized data sets to extract long-term value from your experiments