Miniaturized Purification with Synthace and Te‑Chrom™

A best-in-class collaboration to enable flexible, traceable, and integrated workflows for miniature chromatography columns with Tecan's Te-Chrom™ system, the industry gold standard for automated, multiplexed purification

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Who is this for?

All miniaturized purification users, whether in upstream process development (USP) using parallelized bioreactors like the Ambr® systems, or downstream process development (DSP), can benefit from Synthace's automated sample tracking and data integration tailored for high-throughput process development.

  • Batch processing users benefit from Synthace's full traceability to easily keep track of varying run conditions
  • Process optimization users benefit from Synthace's flexibility in workflow planning and tailored features for sophisticated Design of Experiments (DOE)


How can Synthace-driven miniaturized purification improve your process?

Software integration

Sophisticated methods are tedious to modify in existing software

Synthace makes planning for purification easier and more flexible

Traceable methods

Excel spreadsheets are inflexible and unsuitable for tracing methods and runs

Synthace workflows and runs are fully traceable for easy review and comparison

Data structuring

Experimental data often need to be manually structured before analysis

Synthace integrates data from analytical devices for faster analysis

How does it work?


Flexibly plan your purification workflow

  • Specify where samples come from
  • Specify stocks for buffers and additives
  • Add comments for context
  • Upload DOE design files

Quickly find and review your runs and methods

  • All liquid handling steps to prepare buffers and execute chromatography
  • All buffer and sample volumes and concentrations
  • Exact positions and movement of labware

Automatically structured data at your fingertips

  • Link with downstream processes
  • Export structured data tables in common formats
  • Compare data and methods with previous runs

Want to see what Synthace can do?

Watch a replay of our live demo showcasing Synthace's new miniaturized purification capabilities for the Te-Chrom™ automated chromatography system, co-developed in partnership with Tecan.

Synthace is compatible with Repligen's OPUS® RoboColumns® and other miniature columns.

Start using Synthace now

Developed in collaboration with Tecan, Synthace's miniaturized purification capability is now available to all users. Request a demo to learn more about how you can take advantage of the following.

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Integrated workflows

Synthace's flexible workflows are tailored for automated purification

Direct support

Benefit from the direct support of our product team and automation experts

Optimized processes

Accelerate upstream and downstream process development with Synthace