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    November 7, 2022

    Synthace wins BioTech Breakthrough Overall BioTech Solution award

    Synthace, creators of the world’s first digital life science experiment platform, have been awarded the "Overall Biotech Solution of the Year" award by the BioTech Breakthrough Awards.

    Synthace CEO, Guy Levy-Yurista PhD, said: "This is a fantastic achievement and we are grateful to the judges at Biotech Breakthrough for their recognition of our experiment platform as the Overall BioTech Solution of the Year. It would not have been possible without the work of our talented team and without the help of our customers, among whom are 8 of the world's top 12 pharmaceutical companies. It's fantastic to see we're in such good company with the other winners, and we're excited to continue our goal of enabling the work of the biotech industry now and in the future."

    With over 1,350 nominations submitted this year from all over the world, competition in BioTech Breakthrough's awards has been extremely fierce. Some of the winners from other categories include Abbott, Brightseed, Honeywell, Pfizer, Promontory Therapeutics, Quanterix, Vizgen, Waters, and an impressive list of top companies and startups in the biotechnology industry.

    The full list of winners are listed on the BioTech Breakthrough website.

    About the BioTech Breakthrough Awards

    From the BioTech Breakthrough Awards website:

    "The spirit of the BioTech Breakthrough Awards is to highlight the BREAK THROUGH products, solutions and companies within the crowded biotechnology and life sciences markets. BioTech Breakthrough judges have earned a reputation for fairness and credibility and the previous award winners provide an example of the caliber of companies involved. Judges are senior-level, experienced health, medical and technology professionals that have personally worked in the BioTech space, including medical professionals, journalists, analysts and technology executives."

    About Synthace

    Based in London in the UK and Boston in the U.S., Synthace is a cloud-based experiment platform that enables life science R&D teams to do experiments that would otherwise be impossible. It helps scientists innovate faster by automating high throughput experiments, structuring complex datasets, and allowing them to use powerful methodologies—like Design of Experiments—all from within their browser. 

    The Synthace platform fundamentally transforms and improves the relationship between what a scientist can imagine and what they can actually do in their lab. This means that instead of spending hours working with pen, paper, and pipettes, they can spend that time focused on answering the questions that will solve humanity’s most pressing problems. 

    Press Contact

    For the US: Brands2Life,

    For the UK: Courtney Glymph, +44 (0)78 6748 8769,

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    Will Patrick

    Director of Brand and Communications at Synthace

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