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    February 14, 2023

    Synthace is officially one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing

    London, UK—9 February 2023, Synthace has officially been named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing (2023) by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on workplace culture.

    Why this matters

    The Great Place to Work® team assessed companies in five key ways:

    1. Work-life balance
    2. Sense of fulfillment
    3. Job satisfaction
    4. Psychological safety
    5. Financial security

    Scoring high across the board, Synthace has created a strong culture with a high standard of well-being for employees.

    How Synthace was chosen

    • Great Place to Work’s culture experts analyzed thousands of employee surveys, assessing people’s holistic experiences of well-being at work to determine the UK's Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing list
    • The surveys asked employees to comment on how their company supports their work-life balance, sense of fulfillment, job satisfaction, psychological safety, and financial security
    • Evaluations also included an assessment of how well the organization was able to deliver consistency of their employee experience across all departments and seniority levels

    You can view the full list of winners here.

    Want to join our team?

    You can: we're hiring!

    About Synthace

    Synthace is a digital experiment platform built for life science R&D teams to help them run more powerful experiments. It digitizes experiments from end to end: with minimal training, scientists can design and plan reproducible experiments, simulate them ahead of time, run them on their automation equipment, and automatically structure all of their experimental data and metadata in a single place. Controlled from a browser window and needing no code to operate, it makes experiments easier to run in the lab, increases the scientific value of experiments, and also makes it possible to run experiments that were previously thought impossible.

    Already deployed in 9 of the top 15 life science companies around the world, the Synthace platform fundamentally transforms and improves the relationship between what a scientist can imagine and what they can actually do in their lab. This means that instead of spending hours switching between many different and disconnected digital and manual tools, they can make progress in a single platform built for scientific progress. Instead of getting bogged down in logistical details, our customers spend more time focused on answering the big questions, the questions that will solve humanity’s most pressing problems.

    For more news and media resources, please visit our newsroom.

    About Great Place to Work®

    Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees around the world and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. In 2022, they launched the first-ever annual UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing list of organizations that stood out as delivering exceptional well-being support for their employees across all levels and departments. For more information, visit

    Synthace media contact

    US press contact: Brands2Life,

    UK press contact: Your Story PR,

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    Will Patrick

    Director of Brand and Communications at Synthace

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