The Lab Team

The Lab team is central to everything we do at Synthace

By joining us, you will be contributing across three overlapping high-level functions related to building trust and exemplifying the power of the Synthace Life Sciences R&D cloud.

Synthace Lab - Shama and Lily

Building Product

  • Support Software Engineering Team with new product building requirements
  • Project manage scientific product work
  • Provide feedback as part of general product requests, usability challenges or as we encounter problems
  • Test the software platform as part of product development work
  • Support Software Engineering Team to help troubleshoot ad hoc issues

Exemplifying Synthace

  • Exemplify the platform in real world scientific use cases
  • Conduct core science to ensure we can demonstrate Synthace’s capabilities 
  • Produce scientific materials as part of sales and marketing collateral
  • Generate ideas and execute scientific workflows as part of exploratory work
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Maintaining the lab space

  • Own logistics of bringing in new devices into the laboratory
  • Maintain laboratory equipment and troubleshoot devices
  • Maintain our laboratory facility to ensure a safe and clean space

What is Synthace?

In many ways, you can think of Synthace as an easy to use workflow builder, with visual representations of different lab processes.

You can drag and drop these process representations into place, and connect them to build workflows.

Synthace allows processes that were previously highly manual and time consuming to be automated and linked into executable workflows that are reliable, shareable and scalable.

Existing interfaces for robotic liquid handlers and other devices can be complex, making it difficult for researchers to use without the help of specialist engineers. With our intuitive visual user interface, we’re democratizing the use of automation equipment in labs, making it easier for anyone to build them into their experiments.

DNA Assembly Workflow

Synthace allows you to run simulations of the experiment workflows, showing where the robots will move the liquids, and what the resulting mixtures in each plate well will contain.

Once you're comfortable that everything is correct, the workflow is converted into a set of instructions for the robotic lab equipment to carry out.

All of this drives vast improvements in the ease, speed, cost and reliability of experiments, enhancing productivity for any bioscience.

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