Miniaturized Purification with Synthace and Tecan Te-Chrom™

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Uniting robust execution with flexible planning and comprehensive data analysis

Purification of target compounds is a key step in the production of final, market-ready products in bioprocessing.

Synthace has joined forces with Tecan to help you unlock the full potential of high-throughput miniaturized purification. We integrated our Synthace platform with Tecan’s Te-Chrom™ automated chromatography system to enable end-to-end workflows, from experimental design to data analysis, using high-performance multiplexed columns.

In our recent product-launch demo, Scientific Development Consultant, Dr Milena Stanković-Brunner, demonstrates how you can realize the full potential of miniaturized purification by:

  • Achieving significant time and cost savings
  • Increasing throughput
  • Optimizing downstream bioprocessing
  • Maintaining perfect traceability

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Led by

Milena Stanković-Brunner

Scientific Solutions Consultant