Your dream team for Design of Experiments (DoE) in Assay Development

In today’s fast-paced drug discovery environment, pharmaceutical assay development groups need to handle an ever-increasing volume and complexity of assays. Design of Experiments (DoE) is a promising strategy to improve efficiency and outcomes.
Screenshot of Antha simulation example
75% faster

for liquid handling planning than custom spreadsheets for DoE

94% faster

for time-course data structuring than by hand

98% faster

liquid handling for complex plate layouts than pipetting robots

99.9% fewer

tips used than pipetting robots

Say goodbye to spreadsheet wrangling

✓ Antha automatically generates optimised liquid handling instructions from JMP and Design Expert DoE design files

✓ Antha enables easy factor blocking for advanced DoE

✓ Antha automatically structures raw data into formats ready for analysis in your preferred software

Case study

Spotlight case study

Presents the required labware

Liquid handling planning, simulation, execution and data structuring for a 3,456-run enzymatic assay DoE completed in one working day


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“We started working together because we became aware of this customer-led interest in implementing Antha in tandem with the dragonfly discovery. The fact that our two organisations share a strong ethos of customer care and innovation has enabled the partnership to come together very quickly.” Anne Hammerstein, DPhil Product Manager, SPT Labtech

This customer had seen the capabilities of the dragonfly discovery and recognised the combined potential of our technologies. It’s noteworthy that, while SPT Labtech and Synthace are close geographic neighbours in the UK, we were brought together by our mutual contact in San Francisco! Markus Gershater, PhD CSO, Synthace