Transform Your DOE with Antha: Customer Success Stories

See how leading biotechnology and life sciences companies leveraged Antha to transform and optimize their protocols with automated DOE.

Viral Vectors

DOE with Oxford Biomedica

Using Antha, Oxford Biomedica has been able to design, plan and execute a reduced time frame two iteration DOE optimization and robustness study of their lentiviral vector transfection and transduction process.

Assay Development

DOE with SPT Labtech

By combining the speed and accuracy of SPT Labtech’s dragonfly® discovery dispenser with the flexible planning and data aggregation capabilities of Synthace’s Antha software platform, we were able to physically execute a 6-factor space-fill DOE to comprehensively characterize the design space for an enzymatic assay in a single rapid experiment.

DNA Extension

DOE with LabGenius

Antha enabled LabGenius to physically execute multifactorial experimental designs in an automated and autonomous manner to optimize their ssDNA extension process.

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