The Two Biggest ‘Take-Homes’ From the Bioprocessing Summit

This month, our team were fortunate enough to join over 2000 delegates at the Bioprocessing Summit in Boston, MA.

Our Director, Life Sciences Solutions, Tiffany Montgomery reflects on the event…

I set a personal goal for the conference to expand my own understanding of process development for cell and gene therapies (CGTs) and the speakers did not disappoint.

Speakers addressed the challenges of limited donor material

One thing the summit made abundantly clear is that these therapeutic modalities suffer from challenges associated with limited reagents and donor material. Addressing these challenges is critical to providing novel therapeutics outside of the rare disease space.

Chelsea Xue from Takeda offered her insights into the analysis and characterisation of cell therapies, noting that limited donor material makes it difficult to see the big picture and gain broader understanding of these treatments.

Furthermore, the inherent variability between donors makes it difficult to draw broad conclusions with available data.

While donor material remains limited, there are further issues with the availability of reagents necessary to scale the production of these treatments.

Innovation to solve the issue of limited reagents

But scarcity breeds innovation, and I was encouraged by the diversity of approaches to optimising viral vector production, in particular.

Luis Maranga from Voyager delivered an interesting presentation about his team's recent work with baculovirus expression systems for AAV production. Though he speculates that gene therapy is 20-30 years behind large molecule therapeutics, it's easy to stay optimistic when surrounded by so many passionate, creative scientists.

Making bioprocessing easier

At Synthace we’re working to lower the barriers to CGT development to help scientists overcome challenges with our cloud-based platform.

Our Bioprocessing Informatics solution enables efficient aggregation of data from all your inline, online, at-line and offline assays to streamline validation and visualisation of your bioprocessing data in one place.

Studies using our Bioprocessing Informatics solution have shown that it can reduce the time taken from data generation to data interpretation from weeks to hours!

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Meet us at Bioprocess International at stand 1211

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and engaging with the community at the Bioprocessing Summit. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check in with me and Synthace.

Also, I'd like to congratulate Sumona Sarkar for winning a pair of Apple AirPods in the Synthace raffle.

We look forward to seeing many of you, and some new faces, at the Bioprocessing International conference in September at stand 1211

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