Technical Note: Enhancing RoboColumn® Workflows with Synthace and Te-Chrom™

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Study summary

We compared miniaturized purification using two software platforms: Tecan’s Freedom EVOware® Te-Chrom™ Wizard and Synthace's cloud-based software.

We used both platforms to generate instructions for liquid handling robots for purification of IgG from human serum using MabSelect™ PrismA RoboColumns®.

Key findings

• Equivalence between Synthace and Freedom EVOware® generated instructions

• Significant time savings with Synthace's data structuring and visualization functionalities, blanks are easily specified and automatically used in data correction

• Enhanced flexibility with Synthace, e.g. specifying multiple buffers within individual chromatography stages


Reduction in data processing, visualization and analysis time


Saving in time spent adapting experimental design between runs


Time saving in selecting, pooling, and normalizing samples