Connecting the Digital and Physical to Empower Biologists


An end-to-end capability

We call this new digitally empowered way of working Computer-Aided Biology





Flexible reprogramming of liquid handlers

With device drivers for automated liquid handling platforms Antha automates experiment execution and enables flexible reprogramming,  freeing up your time to focus on the science rather than logistics.

A digital twin of your lab automation

Antha simulates automated experiments in silico based upon an understanding of the behaviours of biological liquids and hardware. It also maps all automation to this digital model reducing errors and improving sample traceability.

Design of Experiments (DOE) made easy

Design and then execute sophisticated multi-factorial experiments using our DOE product. Once created, workflows can be readily reused or adapted.

Automated data aggregation and structuring

Antha links the physical automation with the sample and rich data flows from analytical equipment to automatically creating rich structured datasets.

Out of the box protocols

Transferring an assay from a manual process to an automated one is time consuming and expensive in time and money. With pre-optimized out of the box products such as DNA Assembly and qPCR, you can jump start your automation journey.

Enterprise-ready Cloud infrastructure

A best in class technology stack run on the cloud means better longevity, better adaptability and lower support costs. 

Antha Cloud

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Synthace has helped us improve our business and think outside the box, and Antha has allowed us to do many things we previously couldn’t” Andre Raposo Group Lead - Computer-Aided Biology (CAB) group at Oxford Biomedica