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Miniaturized purification
with Tecan. Streamlined.

augments your Te-Chrom™ setup with enhanced flexibility and the added benefits of automatic data structuring and visualization. Book your custom demo now.

Data processing and visualization times


Manual data handling

13 min

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Our 30 minute one-to-one demo will

  • Help you understand our best-in-class Life Sciences R&D Cloud, Synthace
  • Walk you through our flexible, traceable and integrated purification workflows
  • Identify how Synthace can enhance your current Te-Chrom™ based purification
  • Show you the potential of Synthace for bioprocessing

Same great results with more flexibility

Synthace is able to generate liquid handling instructions identical to Tecan’s Te-Chrom™ Wizard via a user-friendly, graphical interface for miniature columns such as Repligen’s OPUS® RoboColumns®. Significant time is saved in experimental planning, data processing and sample pooling for downstream analytics.


Save time

  • ~60% faster sample prep for downstream analytics
  • ~80% faster data processing with Synthace


  • enhances flexibility
  • accelerates data analysis
  • reduces manual errors

A best-in-class collaboration

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Synthace is used by scientists and industry experts all over the world

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Manage your automation.
Focus on the science.

  • Work in the Cloud
  • Preview your workflows
  • Rapidly automate experiments
  • Integrate data seamlessly
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Transforming the way team leads, engineers, and scientists use automation

How can Synthace-driven miniaturized purification benefit you?

Team leads

Team leads

Do you have ambitions for more complex experiments but are worried about the time needed for planning and data analysis? Synthace enables execution of sophisticated DoEs and automatically structures the data and metadata for easy analysis.

Automation engineers

Automation engineers

Are you spending a lot of time preparing equipment yet finding it hard to transfer your knowledge? Has it been a huge time sink to help your colleagues set up every experiment? With Synthace you can easily create Template Workflows for your end users to run with minimal training.



Are you spending hours aligning and structuring data to present at the next team meeting? Synthace’s data visualization tools get you to your results quickly. You can view your data immediately upon experiment completion and easily export structured data tables for analysis in your preferred software.