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Our DOE eBook will:

  • Explain what DOE is and why biologists should use it
  • Walk you through the steps needed to perform and execute a DOE
  • Talk about the challenges to regularly performing DOE
  • Discuss how biologists can overcome the barriers to DOE
Learn how you can optimize and transform your biology with the Design of Experiments (DOE) framework from the Synthace specialists. 


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Case study: Transforming automation at Oxford Biomedica

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Using Synthace, Oxford Biomedica have been able to design, plan, and execute a two-iteration DOE optimization and robustness study of their transfection and transduction processes in a dramatically reduced timeframe.

Synthace usage results:

3-10 fold

Increase in vector titre


Time saving


Reduction in pure error


Resource saving

We're starting to deal with very big datasets, and some vendor software can be cumbersome and slow. Synthace alleviates this problem by integrating offline data in a very user-friendly, comprehensive, and dynamic way."

André Raposo

Group Lead, Computer-Aided Biology (CAB) Group at Oxford Biomedica