Optimizing Construct Assembly with Synthace

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Key findings

  • Synthace improved the robustness and reproducibility of Design of Experiments (DOE) optimization of BsaI DNA-assembly protocols, ensuring >95% correct 7-part DNA assemblies

  • The optimized experimental workflow was initially programmed for a Gilson PIPETMAX® liquid handler and easily transferred to a Hamilton Microlab® STAR, FORMULATRIX® MANTIS® and Tecan Freedom EVO® robots, achieving comparable robustness

  • The automated Synthace approach reduced time spent per experiment from 29.5 hours to 8.5 hours, resulting in a 21 hour time saving; up to 63 hours were saved across the whole study

  • Overall, Synthace achieved a 74% time saving in experimental planning, design and execution

  • This means large efficiency savings in FTE time and a 22% reduction in tip usage

Discover how Synthace-driven DOE optimization of 7-part DNA assembly achieved:


Correct constructs


Time saving


Reduction in tip usage