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No-code Life Sciences Automation Platform

The platform is able to:


    • A flexible and intuitive toolkit for building automation protocols
    • Seamlessly automate experimentation and insights
    • Add logic into your automation workflows based on metadata
    • Contain multiple modules: DoE, Bioprocessing, Miniaturised Purification

Watch how you can easily build a Bradford assay in less than 2 minutes with simple drag-and-drop function.

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Isabel Fox
We're now at the beginning of the third wave of life science digital innovation, also known as digitalization. In this wave, the cloud is not just a repository of data to be mined for insights, but an enabler to orchestrate R&D. Isabel Fox General Partner at Outsized Ventures, formerly Luminous Ventures

The life sciences industry is transforming, and this transformation is now accelerating due to three key drivers

Rising Biological Complexity

Intensified Competition

Outcome-Centric Digitalization

To learn more about how to guide your R&D team to success in this age of digital transformation

Synthace New Logo