Growing Disruptive Tech Companies: The Power of 3

The brain finds it relatively easy to grasp threes — elements, colours and fonts. Push that marginally up to four and things get fuzzier about where to look and what to do.

So why does this happen? For that, we might have to go back a little in the early days. As a child, everything we did and learned was based around three — A-B-C, 1-2-3, Three blind mice, Three Musketeers, The Trinity, Three Stooges and so on…

In the world of business, the power of 3 has also been widely used: marketers and management consultancies will often use this fact to great effect. Examples include: “The rule of 3 for competitive landscapes”.

To grow a technology company (which I have had the great pleasure to do several times) requires the application of high standards across all areas of the business. It can be effective to set, implement and measure these high standards across groupings of '3'.

Let's take an initial example - based around the very important concept of the customer.

In growing a technology business there are 3 things we have to do with our customers, in a mutually beneficial relationship:

1. Win

At an early stage, this tends to be about the customers who are the Innovators and Early Adopters - people who align with your vision and purpose and understand an early stage tech company is on a journey (a journey they can influence positively by jumping onboard). There is a lot here about messaging, segmentation, communication, as well as delivering a high-quality early product that solves a real need, whilst delighting the customer.

2. Keep

Once clients have committed to working with you, the focus turns to deploying successfully, working through production roll-out with a focus on delivering a step change in innovation and value. At Synthace we work hard on ensuring our customer-facing team are conversant with our clients and deliver an exceptionally high quality of support as we stretch boundaries together. In this way, it becomes less of “build it and they will come” and more “let’s build this together”.

3. Grow

The proof of value is of course expanded use of the product – vertically (increased use in the same area/application), horizontally (new applications) and geographically (different sites) - based upon the measured return on investment (value) delivered within the client’s environment. At this stage, the product is strengthened further through continuous iteration with the team’s commitment to the highest quality of standards (detailing and resolving issues fast and effectively (as well as over communicating) being maintained as the customer-facing side of the organisation grows in-line with the client base.

At Synthace we are already working with innovators in the biopharmaceutical industry across these 3 areas. We relish working closely with our clients and partners to rapidly provide disruptive technology solutions to the big challenges in the industry.


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