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Webinar 3

How to get started with Design of Experiments (DOE): Tools & Tips

Date: March 22nd 2022, 3PM GMT/ 11AM EDT

In this webinar, we will set you up with the framework and skills needed to get started with DOE in your lab.

Topics covered include:

  • How being explicit with the goals, constants and variables for your experiment is a critical first step in using DOE for your biological research 
  • An overview of the process of sequential experimentation using DOE
  • How to tailor your objectives to an experiment design for maximum insight 
  • Demystifying key principles of the DOE methodology including replication, randomization, blocking and confirmation
Webinar 1

Design of Experiments (DOE): Why it will transform your biological research

Date: January 25th 2022, 3PM GMT/ 10AM EST

Testing one factor at a time (OFAT) in isolation severely limits our understanding of the complex biology we’re working with. As biologists, we need to embrace DOE and other multifactorial methods to get clear and reliable insight from our experiments. Many are aware of DOE, but are put off by how complex it seems and aren’t sure if learning it is worth the effort.

Access this webinar to learn about the transformative power of DOE for biology, including: 

  • Basic principles of multifactorial experimentation, and why it’s vital to biological research
  • Examples of DOE applications for the optimization of biological systems
  • Step-by-step guide how to get started with Design of Experiments today