Devices for Antha

(MANTIS® 4.2)

(Trilution® 2.4)

Hamilton Microlab® STAR/STARlet
(VENUS 4.5)

SPT Labtech dragonfly® discovery
(dragonfly® designer)

Tecan Freedom EVO®
(EVOware® 2.8 Standard)

Tecan Te-Chrom™
(EVOware® 2.8 Standard)

Applikon ez-Control

Biotek washers/dispensers
(LHC 2.21)

Biotek plate readers
(Gen5 3.08)

BMG Labtech plate readers
(Reader Control 5.4—5.61)

ChemoMetec NucleoCounter® NC-200™

Kaiser RamanRxn2™ Multi-channel Raman Analyzer

Nova Biomedical BioProfile® FLEX2™
(via Ambr® 18.x)

Roche CustomBiotech Cedex Bio HT

Sartorius Ambr® 250
(Ambr® 16.x / 18.x)

Sartorius Ambr® 15

Sartorius Biostat® SUB

Tecan Infinite® PRO plate reader

Thermo Fisher QuantStudio™
(QuantStudio™ Software 1.3)

WattBe Innovations Ranger RI probe

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Looking for another device?

The Synthace team are working on a number of other integrations not yet listed above. Let us know what you’re thinking of integrating with Antha and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.