Black Lives Matter

Synthace’s core purpose is to unleash the potential of biology for the benefit of humankind and our environment. To help create a bioeconomy that can heal, feed, fuel, and manufacture for everybody in a sustainable way. We are a passionate bunch. We care deeply about things that matter.

Black Lives Matter.

As do those of a long list of other people who are prejudiced against including refugees, the homeless, the LGBTQ+ community to name just a few.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a touchstone for a global pandemic that has already cost many, many more lives than COVID-19 ever will. That pandemic and the evil we fight is discrimination. It is the most human of diseases.

At Synthace we want the world to know that we stand alongside any person who is being, or is in danger of being discriminated against. We are not a social enterprise whose primary mission is to tackle discrimination and could risk accusation that these are hollow words spoken to engender the respect of employees and customers. We don’t care about that. It is time to speak.

Diversity is the power behind biology and the power behind people. We are committed to promoting diversity and are proud of the steps we have taken as an organisation to realise that. We also acknowledge there is more we can and must do.

To eradicate discrimination as we have smallpox is going to take a global effort involving all levels of society.

Black Lives Matter is a call to action that we must all heed.