Traditional biologics, biobetters, and biosimilars include monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, bispecifics and therapeutic proteins that are produced within living organisms. 

Our software platform enables teams across bioprocessing, from cell line development through to downstream purification, to get faster and better biological insights.

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Accelerated downstream purification optimization

Synthace's automated sample tracking and data integration can be tailored for high-throughput process development (HTPD).

It enables full traceability to easily keep track of varying run conditions and benefits from Synthace's flexibility in workflow planning and dedicated features for sophisticated Design of Experiments (DOE).

We have partnered with Tecan to develop an automated purification workflow with the Tecan’s Te-Chrom™ system for miniaturized chromatography columns, such as OPUS® RoboColumns®.

Fast automated data generation, collation & structuring

Synthace aggregates and structures data from all connected devices - from analytics through to bioreactors and lab robots - automatically bringing data into a single usable format and removing the need for data wrangling, whilst maintaining full sample traceability.

Synthace connects the whole bioprocessing ecosystem of on-line, in-line, at-line, and off-line analytics with physical execution of automated experiments. This results in seamlessly created and consistently structured data saving users hours of manual processing time.

Sophisticated DOE made simple

Synthace allows users to easily plan and execute sophisticated Design of Experiments (DOE) assays in shorter time frames than has ever been possible. DOE design files can be pipelined from JMP®, Design-Expert or Excel® before being automatically planned and executed on lab automation saving the user hours of time.

Our partners currently use our DOE capabilities in cell line development, upstream bioprocess (media) development, within analytical development and in CMC bioassay teams.

LabGenius Antha Workflow

Dynamic reprogramming of liquid handlers for flexible assays

Synthace makes lab automation accessible to non-specialists and easy to use in a flexible and interoperable manner. It removes the need to spend hours reprogramming your liquid handling devices and enables robots to be reprogrammed in minutes, if not seconds. Synthace enables flexible control making worklist handover to automation a thing of the past.

Our users leverage these capabilities to conduct a variety of assays such as qPCR, as well as in the reformatting of samples between different devices.