Centralize Bioprocess Data Effortlessly with the Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud

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October 26 2021

6pm CEST | 5pm BST | 12pm EDT | 9am PDT

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Many process development scientists face the challenge that experimental data from disparate instruments in bioprocessing is error prone and laborious to unify into a single dataset that can easily be analyzed and visualized.

The complexity of this challenge means that at any stage of experimentation, errors can be discovered even after decisions have been made leading to revaluation and reanalysis that could have been avoided. Critical time that process development scientists don’t have.

We’re excited to announce our latest bioprocess module, designed to help drug developers solve this complex challenge of unifying datasets generated from bioprocessing laboratories rapidly. 

October 26, 2021
6pm CEST | 5pm BST | 12pm EDT | 9am PDT

Join us in a live demonstration with our Scientific Solutions Consultant, Milena Stankovic-Brunner, as she shows how the bioprocess module in the Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud can:

  • Generate custom views for rapid data inspections and export publication-ready data visualizations in minutes (not days), and much more.
  • See how we unify datasets from bioreactor and analytics to slice across multiple dimensions
  • How we can add metadata from automated sample liquid handling in Synthace to enable hassle-free sample tracking across all offline analytics 
  • How we connect and extend bioprocessing to connect with all process development that has been centralized  (including purification and assays such as ELISA and qPCR) into Synthace for you and your team to share
  • Followed by a Live Q&A from our team


20min demo followed with 10min Q&A with

  • Demonstrator: Milena Stankovic-Brunner, PhD
  • Laboratory Partner: Daniel Yip, MSc

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Founded in 2011 with deep expertise in bioprocess optimization, Synthace is committed to transforming how biology is done. We developed Synthace to allow biological experiments to be rapidly and flexibly automated and analyzed.

Synthace provides the flexibility required for this type of work. Instead of manually dictating every step, Synthace is able to make intelligent decisions to suggest the most efficient workflows which are easily adaptable when needed. Georgie Hermitage, PhD, Analytical Development Scientist Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult