Synthace enters into agreements to develop Antha drivers for liquid handling equipment

Synthace today announce at the O’Reilly Solid conference that the company has signed memorandums of understanding with Gilson Inc and CyBio Northern Europe Ltd relating to the creation of device drivers that integrate liquid handling equipment with the Antha protocol language. The first instruments for which Antha drivers will be written include the PIPETMAX® from Gilson and the CyBi®-FeliX 96/384 and GeneTheatre from CyBio.

Synthace are also announcing a sign-up programme for the forthcoming closed-beta release of the Antha OS that will be available in July. Included in this community edition will be an automated DNA construct assembly protocol that will enable researchers to perform the liquid handling steps to generate 24 constructs, each of 4 separate parts in under an hour on a Gilson PIPETMAX.

Sean Ward, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Synthace, commented,

“We are delighted to be working with these leading equipment providers to bring the Internet of Things to academic, clinical and industrial laboratories through integration with our Antha platform. Improving reproducibility and productivity across biological R&D will be absolutely reliant on establishing this type of connectivity.”

Enabling verifiable science and making researchers’ lab life easier is the mission of Gilson.

“The combination of PIPETMAX and Antha really brings sample preparation to a new arena, helping our customers make a significant scientific contribution”

commented Nicolas Paris, CEO of Gilson. By merging the productivity and ease of use of PIPETMAX, with the global access to data and protocols offered by the Antha platform, developing, processing, sharing experiments and supporting data, has never been easier or faster. We are enthusiastic to be working with Synthace to make liquid handling and sample prep tasks more reliable and efficient in a connected world.

Debra Conway, Director of CyBio Northern Europe Ltd added, “CyBio NE Ltd and its parent company Analytik Jena is delighted to be part of the Antha project to provide open source instruments and control software to enable automated protocols. The combination of Antha and CyBio precision engineering is a major step towards improving the efficiency and reproducibility of laboratory workflows.”

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